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Remote Patient Monitoring Technology : 

A medical device which is a critical lifesaving health care monitoring system and has preventive diagnostic & superlative performance. A device which enables the doctor to treat the patient remotely with help of internet and mobile based servers.














  • Heart ailments, Infant Mortality and Maternal Mortality have replaced communicable diseases as the biggest killer in rural & urban India.
  • About 25 per cent of deaths in the age group of 25- 69 years occur because of heart diseases. In urban areas, 32.8 per cent deaths occur because of heart ailments, while this percentage in rural areas is 22.9
  • There are approximate 56,000 maternal deaths occurring every year
  • Most of the lives can be saved if the patient is mobilized to PHC or any major hospital rapidly and timely intervention by the doctor
  • Many of the times, shifting or transferring of the patient to the PHC or Hospital gets delayed due to the poor infrastructure in rural areas and traffic especially in urban areas.
  • To save the precious human life by imparting timely treatment, RMT is introduced for monitoring the patient remotely during transit especially in ambulances or at a PHC / Hospital.